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Woodland Wand

We ventured into the woods today, the scent of wild garlic that grows on the banks of the stream was heavy in the air. We were on a mission to create a magic woodland wand.

Wands are deeply rooted in ancient symbolism and believed to be instruments of powerful magic.

Creating a magic wand is a great activity for children as it builds identification skills of trees, leaves and plants. It also encourages fine motor skills and fires the imagination. They’re also lovely living mementos of a walk in nature.

All you need is some twine and some scissors and the rest you can gather for yourselves.
Let your child select their perfect wand from the forest floor. They might be looking for something gnarly and knobbly or sleek and smooth – the choice is theirs. Then gather fallen leaves, seeds, feathers, nutshells etc from the forest floor, being careful not to pick any rare or poisonous plants (if in doubt, leave them!)

Next, wind your twine around your wand, securing it at each end with a knot and leaving a length to tie around your bunch of decorations. Once you’re happy with your arrangement, secure it with the hanging length of twine and let your imagination run wild as to its elemental powers!

Have fun!

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